Contact contact trademark been registered overseas are "disc and case"

    disc and "first case of overseas rights", the contact contact trademarks under the trademark was registered in overseas problems. The business daily yesterday (July 7) learned from the contact contact the company, contact contact trademark cybersquatting case will be held on August 31 in Germany the Munich District Court. Worth noting is that same as the disc and the trademark case, trade mark squatters are called OKAIImportExportGmbH (OK) companies.

    the end of 2006, contact contact noted that "Chacheer" and English trademarks "qiaqia graphics" trademark in Germany companies registered by OKAI, in case negotiations fail, in January 2010, contact contact to Germany the Munich District Court, demanding Germany OKAI company cancellation of illegal squatting "qiaqia" trademark, after 1 month, the Munich District Court formally accepted. The case will be held on August 31 in Germany the Munich District Court.

    It is understood that Owen Kelly company is in Berlin for a German-Chinese-run department store, mainly engaged in food from China. But, according to contact contact company provides of information, the company had is contact contact of a overseas "dealer", February 24, 2003 the company through Beijing in the Advisory better pine import and export limited responsibility company to contact contact food Corporation imports value 1235 euro of "contact contact" products, May 8, 2005 the company and through Beijing in the Advisory freight agent limited to contact contact company ordered value 2326 euro of "contact contact" products.

    "this lawsuit, if not win, our products in the EU market can't do. "Contact contact food markets headquarters Deputy General Manager Li Huifen said.

    reporter noted that, in the case of trademark and "old Chinese overseas rights first" disc and trademarks in which the perpetrators are named Owen Kelly company.

    okai company on May 1, 2005, Germany contact contact the trademark registration of trademark patent and registration on September 3 of that year. According to public reports, Owen Kelly company thinks its in Germany registered "contact contact" first, protected by law, had previously issued a transfer of € 200,000 mark price, but was rejected by the contact contact the company.

    in July 2006, the old Chinese Wang and sued in Germany registered   "disc and" trademark Owen Kelly company. Last April, Germany Munich final rulings are clear-headed the High Court lawsuit. It is reported that Owen Kelly has also been registered in European countries   "chili sauce", "this mailang" "White House" and other well-known food trademarks in China.

    yesterday, an intellectual property lawyer in Shanghai, "said qiaqia can favour also is impossible to judge, but if there is evidence to confirm that the accused is the distributor of products, so is more likely to be determined malicious cybersquatting. "(From daily observation)

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