A trademark, why 4 years registration

    xingtang chitin dates professional cooperatives in 2006, 2008 two "Taikang", "too Don" two trademarks applied for registration to the national trade mark authority, but was rejected for technical reasons –

    a trademark, why 4 years registration

    recently, xingtang chitin dates cooperative leader Kang Bingbao received a national trademark office letter, they registered trademark to be rejected a second time. "A trademark used for 4 years is still not registered, apply for registration of a trademark of agricultural products is very difficult. "Kang Bingbao was very worried that they are selling well in the market of chitin dates will encounter an counterfeit.

    at present, no trademark, "pain", a registered trademark of "difficult" has begun to affect the speed and strength of our province's agricultural products market.

    No trademark "pain" high quality with no inflated

    xingtang is dates, one of the main production areas of farm and sideline products such as millet, walnuts, but most of these products do not have their own trademark. Since there is no trade mark products into supermarkets and shopping malls, the farmers can only sell their products to buyers, because there is no pricing power, high quality with no inflated prices, often earn only hard money is busy all the year.

    in recent years, the agricultural product market competition has risen from competition to brand competition, it is a good product if there is no trade mark does not have a market. It is known to produce high quality, high nutritional chitin dates Kang Bingbao had enough without a trademark after suffering, twice in 2006 and 2008 respectively, "Taikang", "too Don" two trademark registered with the national trademark Office applications. But at the end it was rejected for technical reasons. And this time, his 452 farmers participate in chitin (chitin) specialty cooperative of jujube dates, already with the "Tai" and "too Don" signs into Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Dalian and other large supermarkets, shopping malls and pharmacies, but left without legal protection, might have been infringed at any time.

    twice applied for over 4 years, talking about trade mark application experience, Kang Bingbao "long long" to describe it. For 4 years he has deeply felt trademarks lack expertise and strange on the trademark application procedure, so he wasted too much time. Delay time for companies to develop new markets, build brands, losses cannot be measured.

    interview, the cooperative's members also expressed their concern. Jujube farming told reporters that there is no trademark dates bid more than more than 30 yuan per kg, had a trademark date forty or fifty Yuan per kg, some high-end products as high as more than 100 yuan per kg. "Now our slogan on signs in the market, if not protected by law, some criminals playing the sign business, then our market will be affected. "

    a registered trademark of" difficult "application cycles are long and required a fee

    at present, agriculture products trademark registered in China reached 749,800, as agricultural production, farm produce trademarks only in our province more than 8,000 pieces of famous agricultural product trademarks are few and far between.

    commodities of the trademark "identity card", on behalf of the credibility and value of the goods. In the fierce market competition, the trade mark owner can bring significant economic benefits, is a valuable intangible asset. Trademark Association, according to the province, introduced Li Jihong, vegetables, fruit production in our province has been ranked the forefront but far less visibility than Shandong, the main reason is the lack of well known brands. My vegetable market share in Beijing had reached 50%, but in large supermarkets in Beijing see Hebei cuisine is hard to figure, the main reason is that Beijing, Hebei cuisine are not trademarks. I save a lot of vegetable base in OEM production, increasing farmers ' production is not.

    agricultural product trade mark registration where, what is the difficulty? Province Bureau trademark advertising supervision management at Director yubo Zhang think, currently, I province enterprise application registered agricultural trademark enthusiasm not high, a is I province production business agricultural of enterprise (agricultural cooperatives) most scale smaller, and management level lower, on registered trademark, and agricultural geographic logo proved trademark, and trademark registered application program, knowledge understand enough, not willing to fee energy to registered, even registered also is easy detours; II is application trademark registered need must of costs, application cycle more long, And this time agriculture products trademark brand, playing the golden period of the market, once the registration failed, often early efforts will be in vain, so businesses are usually reluctant to take the risk; third, some farmers have little rich that an ideology, as long as the agricultural products can be sold, on trademarks is not willing to make an issue of it.

    find agencies help

    Pang Hongjun, Deputy Secretary General of the Association, according to the provincial trademark introduction, brand management in our country is not applying for non-protection and the application of the preceding principles, so it is necessary to apply for trademark registration. When enterprises in the trade mark application, you can find professional qualifications and experience of the Agency to apply for. Agriculture products trademark after registration, must pay attention to strengthening the protection because, since 2005 the province investigated more than 5,000 cases of trademark infringement cases, cases involving agriculture products trademark will have more than 300 pieces.

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