Madrid trademark international registration form

    1, submission of materials:

    a new application, should submit application for Chinese, the corresponding foreign application, copy of the domestic registration or notification of acceptance, national trademark registration or application the basis did change, transfer or renewal and follow-up business, together with approval certificate. Conducts follow-up business, should submit applications for Chinese b, the corresponding foreign application, copies of the international registration, the relevant change or transfer. Through the trademark Agency, and require submission of a power of attorney.

    2, at the origin of the applicant, if the applicant is an enterprise, select the applicant has a real and effective industrial or commercial premises in China if the applicant is a natural person, selected applicants shall have Chinese nationality.

    3, form, fill in the applicants name and address and registration number, application number, and other information, should be consistent with the domestic content of the registration or application. If the applicant or agent has a fixed name, fill in the name, if not, you can use pinyin instead. But the foreign name of the applicant must be consistent with its name.

    4, foreign-language form, fill in the product or service must not exceed domestic register or apply for a range of goods or services, according to domestic goods or services each translation of the basic registration or application.

    5, trademark domestic application within six months of submission of application for international registration, can be given priority, the date of application for international registration of a trademark may apply in accordance with trademark domestic basis date calculations.

    6, if the underlying applications of trademarks into Chinese, must be marked by phonetic transliteration, English translation.

    7, for foreign languages or Chinese table is not standard, we will notify the applicant within the prescribed period rectification.

    8, due to translation problems if the applicant does not provide foreign language applications, through translation company translation or translation through a trademark Agency.

    9, Chinese table from download.

    10, foreign-language forms can be downloaded from the Web site by the International Bureau:

    specifies the net agreement form MM1

    specifies the Protocol States MM2

    pure MM3 of agreements and protocols specified

    specify the United States must be accompanied by MM18

  &Nbsp;  EU and EU Member States have specified at registration you can choose form MM17

    after named MM4

    transfer of MM5

    deletion of MM6

    give up MM7

    cancellation of MM8

    registered name and address change by MM9

    agent name and address change MM10

    MM11 renewal

    Specify Agent MM12

    11, the applicant (or agent) to sign or seal the foreign table.

    12, the foreign application must be typed or printed complete, handwritten applications for trademarks, the Trademark Office was inadmissible. Foreign application must be printed in one side, both sides cannot print.

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