How will the international registration into national application for registration

    (a) what is the international registration into national application for registration?

    according to Madrid Protocol nine article of five and common implementation rules 22nd article of provides, will a items international registered to national registered application, is refers to since international registered of day up five years within, due to based application or based registered was all or part dismissed, and expired, and gave up, and cancellation or invalid, original is Council to International Council application revoked the items international registered by column of all or part commodity and service, Original international registered of applicants to its international registered had effective of a parties party competent Council submitted same trademark of registered application Shi, the application should to its international registered day or late specified day for application date, and if the items international registered had enjoys priority, this application also should enjoys also of priority, conditions is:

    1. this application Yu international registered was revoked of day up 3 months within submitted;

     2. Listed in the application for goods and services are actually included in the goods and services of an international registration;

    3. application complies with all the provisions of the applicable law, including the requirement.

    (b) how will the international registration into national application for registration?

    1. applicants should agencies apply to the Trademark Office.

    2.-applicants should use the domestic registration of Chinese books, and should be in accordance with the goods and services classification table name declare specific goods and services.

    3. an application submitted by the applicant, should be first examined by the International Office the international registration date, priority date, the date of cancellation of an international registration and the scope of goods and/or services.

    issues, contact the organization by the international registry and the agent correction, correction is not returned within the time stipulated in the application.

    4. after it has been verified as correct, attach a separate form on the application for international registration in, raise the international registration into a national application for registration after the date of application or the priority date and the applicant.

    5. applicants and applications forms are submitted to the tongda trade mark service centre admissibility branch, fixed for the filing date and the application number of the section, after which normal domestic review procedures based on the application.

    6. international registration into national application for registration, by a class of applications for each of the applications pay 1000 Yuan fee.

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