Concerning the international registration of the specified United States, and Japan, and Korea, and Singapore

    specifies the United States, and Japan, and Korea, and Singapore and other countries of the application for international registration of regularly review submissions received from those countries or temporary rejection notice, for international registration of the applicant at the time caused some losses and costs.

    above problem occurs because, when these countries joined the Madrid Union, of the Madrid Agreement or certain provisions of the Protocol made reservations or declarations, certain elements of the Madrid International registration review, based on national laws and regulations.

    therefore, we remind applicant in completing the application form for foreign attention to the following:

    1, Enterprise property column: the United States is required to accept LIMITED COMPANY, CORPORATION,UNINCORPORATED ASSOCIATION,JOINT VENTURE or PATERNERSHIP.

    2, marks the transliteration column: Singapore requires translation of trademarks from Chinese characters has to be individually, trademarks as a whole also means that there is no meaning; United States requested trade mark has no meaning, does it mean that geographical names, related products or services that have special meaning.

    3, the product column: the United States requires that goods declaration must be acceptable to the domestic goods and Services Classification Manual (AcceptableIdentificationofGoodsandServicesManual,http// requirements, The Nice international classification of Madrid International Registration General only as a reference. Japan, and Korea have similar requirements. We recommend that the specified United States, and Japan and the Korea National applicant in foreign language form MM2 or MM3, 10 (a) and 10 (b) fill in with the best. 10 (b) column are designated national restrictions on the product, that does not exceed the range of circumstances for goods removed or refinement. For example: the United States does not accept the "garment", but "clothing, namely, shirts, sweaters, windbreakers, slacks and a sport coat".

    4, designated United States Shi, you must complete form MM18. Form MM18 Signature sign in Chinese name, Signatory''s Name (Printed) must print the name of signatory in pinyin, Signatory''s must print signed by title in the Title column. Date of execution (dd/mm/yyyy) of one column a day to fill out the date/month/year, on March 15, 2005, should be filled in for the 15/03/2005. INFORMATION REQUIRED BY THE INTERNATIONAL BUREAU to be filled in.

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