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Application for renewal of a trademark

    in accordance with the trademark law, the 37th article: trademark expires 10 years, want to continue to use, shall apply for renewal of the registration within six months prior to the expiration; does not apply during this period, six-month grace period will be given. Extension still apply, cancellation of its registered trademarks. Each renewal of registration shall be valid for ten years.

    a trademark for many years, is an intangible asset for the registrant, at the time of registration expires shall promptly apply for renewal procedures.

    applications for registration and renewal of registration, renewal registration is made by application right continue to be valid and applied for registration in order to obtain trademark rights.

    materials needed for trade mark applicants:

    1, trademark registration certificate copy;

    2, trademark pattern consistent with the original registered trademark graphics 6;

    3, copy of business license;

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