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Trademark registration

    according to the principle of voluntary registration, who require their production. Manufacturing. Processing. Selection or distribution of goods or provide the service items on the trademark rights of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations and institutions. Social groups. Individual producer. Individual partnership and in accordance with the trademark law article 17th of foreigners or foreign enterprises, in accordance with the provisions of China's trademark law and its implementing rules, can become a trademark applicant.

    date of the trademark application, is subject to Trademark Office date of receipt of the application form, application for registration of a trademark after reviewing preliminary examination announcements → → → substantive examination a series trademark opposition procedures, the whole process would take about 18 months ' time.

    registered trademarks should be characterized by clarity, and shall not conflict with any prior right.

    trademark applications queries should be made in advance, the purpose of query are retrieved whether prior registered trademark identical or similar trademarks with the applicant, help applicants decide whether to apply.

    materials needed for trade mark applicants:

    1, a photocopy (front and back, and must be consistent with the heads of individual licences)

    2, Soho license

    3, trademarks clear drawings;

&Nbsp;   4, goods or services (optional 10 specific goods or services, must be consistent with the scope of individual licences);

    5, made by a company agreement and application instructions please sign;

    6, contact details

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